Velenje, Stari trg 33, SI-3320 Slovenija - EU

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Hotel Razgoršek is a family-run hotel that offers overnight accommodation with a rich breakfast buffet. It is located 15 kilometers from the highway exit, in the immediate vicinity of shopping centers, a post office, a bank, and a bus and train station. Quiet location in the immediate vicinity of the main road, yet surrounded by forest in unspoiled nature.

The hotel is hospitable to all types of guests; business guests, groups, tourists, honeymooners, families, old and young. The professionalism of the employees will impress you, yet you will feel at home during your stay.

In the vicinity of the hotel, you can visit Velenjska Castle, visit the Velenje Coal Mine Museum, and visit Velenjska Beach with the possibility of renting a sup.


Hotel RazgoršekThe extraordinary design of the Vista viewing platform offers a very unusual experience, as you actually climb onto the walking roof of the big stage. It rises as much as 14 meters in height, and is easily accessed via a gently sloping ramp.

Hotel RazgoršekVelenje and Tito were closely connected during Yugoslavia. After World War II, a small mining town in the Šaleška Valley flourished with a lignite mine. The great success of socialism on the territory of Velenj attracted the interest of the main leader of Yugoslavia, who supported the people of Velenj in building a modernist workers' town. As a tribute to the marshal, a mighty Tito monument was erected in the central square, which is still considered the largest in the world. Velenje, whose name comes from the German Wöllan, was also named Tito's Velenje in his honor between 1981 and 1990.

Hotel RazgoršekYou can fly over the Šaleška valley with the wider surroundings with the experienced pilots of the Šaleška Aeroclub.

Hotel Razgoršek

The luxurious, individually furnished rooms and the aristocratic ambience.

Hotel Razgoršek

A luxurious bathroom will conjure up an atmosphere of complete relaxation and moments when you want to be alone, complete and independent.

Hotel Razgoršek

Covered terrace for relaxing outdoors in the shade and enjoying various drinks.